I love the icons, I can't chose favorites because I love the 20 icons. Good work!

ps. By the way, You copied wrong the link in tvcharacter20. I notice you, because people cannot see your great icons^^ Sorry my english mistakes.
You're welcome. :p Ok I haven't idea when I have my head. For a moment I forgot I had seen these icons and I was going to reply again. LOL I don't understand only my comment here (repeat that they're very great :p). You need publish your icons in these communities, too. (If you want, of course. it's just a suggestion ^^) _fandom_icons_ , arrow_icons & arrow_tv (I publish in these communities my arrow icons, I don't know if exist more communities for arrow, but these are great! ^^)

Ps: I follow you. I promise that I'm not a stalker LOL ^^

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You are too sweet. <3 I joined these communities but I guess I will stick to watching and commenting first before posting my own stuff there (want to understand it and all .. :D )
These are great! I love what you did with your cat set, spelling out her surname. I also really love close up, first ep, neon, terror, touch, AC1, AC 2 and AC 4 :)
These r really nice! Especially I like 1st episode, promo, provided, terror, two images, ac set.
Great job! I especially like close up, neon, terror, cat2 and 3, and ac2 :)